Anti-money laundering webinars for 2018 - all modules

Anti-money laundering webinars for 2018 - all modules

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Anti-money laundering webinar
The webinar provides all the training you need for your team.

The first two modules are designed for all the team members. The first covers the identification and due diligence procedures and the second the reporting of suspicions and the Bribery Act.

The third module is designed for the MLRO.  This should be completed by the MLRO, partners/directors and senior team members.

The webinar is supplied with two quizzes for your team to complete, so you can demonstrate understanding and compliance. One for this year and one to be used for next year or as a spare if needed.

The webinar is supplied with copies of slides.

The webinar consists of:

  •  3 modules of about 30 minutes each
  • Two self-test quizzes
  • Copies of the slides

It will not be necessary for every team member to watch all the webinars. The MLRO should review each module and decide which modules each team member should view.

The quizzes are exe files and run in Adobe Flash.

  • The webinars are in MP4 format
  • The slides in pdf
  • Before buying the webinar you need to check you can run these formats.  We are unable to provide support on the running of the webinars and related documents.

Webinar extract
You can view brief webinar extracts here:

Webinar extract 1

Webinar extract 2

Webinar extract 3 - longer version

Anti-money laundering module 1 

  • Overview of the webinar
  • The legislation
  • Who is covered by the AML legislation
  • Your practice structure to comply with AML
  • Due diligence overview
  • The types of risk
  • Client risk
  • Service risk
  • Geographic risk
  • Sector risk
  • Delivery channel risk
  • Documentation
  • Risk evaluation
  • Simplified and enhanced due diligence
  • Summary of due diligence approach (identification process)
  • The timescale for identification
  • Third party and electronic verification
  • Private company and LLP checks
  • Beneficial ownership
  • Charities
  • Trusts
  • On-going checks
  • Politically exposed persons
  • Third party and intermediaries

Running time – 31 minutes

Download size – 215 MB

 Anti-money laundering module 2 

  • Overview of the webinar
  • What to report
  • Placement-layering-integration
  • Criminal offence
  • Suspicion and known facts
  • Suspicion examples
  • The reporting processes
  • Tipping off
  • Reporting examples
  • Reporting scenarios – what would you do?
  • Types of money laundering
  • What to report internally
  • Areas to check
  • Bribery Act 2010
  • Definition of bribery
  • Bribery Act defences and what your practice needs to do
  • Hospitality

Running time – 25 minutes

Download size – 200 MB

Anti-money laundering module 3 – The MLRO module 

  • MLRO role
  • Types of risk
  • Risk assessment documentation
  • Risk document example
  • AML training and procedures
  • Reports received by the MLRO
  • National Crime Agency
  • Consent procedures
  • Privilege
  • Privilege – examples
  • Politically exposed persons
  • Checklist for MLRO
  • Dealing with your regulator
  • Bribery Act 2010
  • The defences and what the practice must do
  • Hospitality

Running time – 25 minutes

Download size – 172 MB