How to buy

How to buy a webinar

Format of webinars

The webinars are supplied as a download in MP4 format. These will run in Windows Media player.

Slides for the webinar are supplied in pdf format.

Where a quiz is supplied this is an exe file and will run in Adobe flash.

Before making the purchase you should check with your IT department you can run these formats.

Technical support
Please note we are unable to provide technical support if you cannot run the file. The file formats have all been selected because they are standard for most PCs. We do not provide support because the solution we suggest may cause other conflicts on your system. You must contact the person responsible for maintaining your IT system if the settings on your computers prevent the files running. They can make the necessary adjustments. The most likely reasons for the files not running on your system are the security settings are too high, lack of windows media player, Adobe or anti-virus software.

Payment must be made on checkout.

If you are not entirely satisfied with any webinar you purchase we will refund your money.

Once you have completed your purchase you will receive an email from the site with the download link. You should proceed to download and save the files on your computer.

You can only download the files once, so you need to save them.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us