About us and our webinars

The Smart Training Group

The Smart Training Group offers webinars for accountants.

Unlike many webinars, ours are crafted and designed for accountants working in General Practice. The content and examples used throughout are tailored to scenarios you will meet in practice.

Screens and content are designed to engage the viewer throughout and occasionally there are short examples for you to complete and be involved with the webinar.

With clear and simple explanations to help understanding of the topics the webinars are easy to use.

Once downloaded you can view the webinars as many times as required so all the team can be trained.

The webinars cover the hot topics of: 

  • Anti-money laundering for 2018
  • Prevention of tax facilitation of tax evasion
  • An Introduction to GDPR

Using the webinars will help ensure your team is fully up to speed on vital risk compliance areas for 2018.

The Smart Training Group courses can be viewed here: view courses